paramount sultan

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The First Enthroned Paramount Sultan HRH Hj. Faizal Coyogan “Cocoy” Benaning Bansao is a well-known civic leader and branded as champion for Peace and Order to the entire of his leadership as overall President of all Bangsamoro Muslim and Cultural Minority in the Province of Batangas, Philippines for the period of Twenty Six (26) years . 

His Royal Highness has a four sons and five daughters from different mothers of Royal Blood Families in Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon namely HRH Crown Prince Nassef Randolph Robledo Bansao, HRH Prince Jamil Pataueg Bansao, HRH Prince Jonas Pataueg Bansao, HRH Prince Jasim Benaning Bansao, HRH Princess Janine Robledo Bansao, HRH Princess Anjanette Robledo Bansao, HRH Princess Czasima Alvarez Bansao, HRH Princess Dra. Yvonne Trece Janima Alvarez Bansao and HRH Princess Hana Covi Bansao and Grandson HRH Datu Faizal Leovino Hidalgo Bansao. 


His Royal Genealogy was strongly associated with the Four (4) Royal Houses of Sultanate of Lumba-Bayabao such as ; Minitepad, Maribo, Bacolod and Borocot and the Three (3) Royal Houses of Sultanate of Poonabayabao such as; Taporog, Rogan and Bansayan and the Two (2) Royal Houses of Sultanate of Masiu such as; Sultan of Masiu and Datu a Cabugatan sa Masiu all of these Royal Sultanate are belong to the current Seventeenth (17) Royal Houses of Sultanate PANOROGANAN KO PAT A PANGAMPONG A RANAO ( Four Royal Component Boundaries of Lanao ).