The 1st Enthroned Paramount Sultan HRH Hj. Faizal Coyogan “Cocoy” Benaning Bansao last 26th of September 2015 held at Lima Park Hotel, Malvar, Batangas, Philippines is a well-known civic leader and branded as Champion for Peace and Order to the entire of his leadership as overall President of all Bangsamoro Muslim and Cultural Minority in the Province of Batangas, Philippines for the period of Twenty Six ( 26 ) years .


His Royal Genealogy was strongly associated with the Four ( 4 ) Royal Houses of Sultanate of Lumba- Bayabao such as ; Minitepad, Maribo, Bacolod and Borocot and the Three (3) Royal Houses of Sultanate of Poonabayabao such as; Taporog, Rogan and Bansayan and the Two (2) Royal Houses of Sultanate of Masiu such as; Sultan of Masiu and Datu a Cabugatan sa Masiu all of these Royal Sultanate are belong to the current Seventeenth (17) Royal Houses of Sultanate PANOROGANAN KO PAT A PANGAMPONG A RANAO ( Four Royal Component Boundaries of Lanao ).


The Royal Sultanate of Lanao is directly connected to the Sultanate System In the 14th Century thru the influence of Sharif Muhammad Kabungsuan but according to the recorded event the First Royal Enthronement has been made was on 1640 that Balindong Bzar of Masiu received the Royal Patent as Sultan a Diagaborolah, who was charged to enforce the teaching of Islam and the law and order in Lanao. On the same year Sultan Diagaborolah consulted the Seven (7) wise men in Lanao of his time on how to govern the Sultanate of Lanao. Namely Dianaton Naim sa Butig, Datu Burua of Pagayawan, Datu Ottowa of Ditsaan, Datu Acari of Ramain, Datu Onbaor of Bansayan, Datu Engki-okoda of Minitepad and Datu Alanake of Baloi , the eight wise men including Datu Bzar Balindong agreed to create the four confederation of Lanao ( Pat a Pangampong a Ranao) composed of state of Masiu, Unayan, Bayabao and Baloi, and on the second level, the 15th Royal Houses ( Panoroganan) and the 28th legislative body ( Pyakambaya ko Taritib.) Sharif Muhammad Kabungsuan was the youngest son of Ali Zeinul Abedin an Arab who is in the blood line of Prophet Muhammad PBUH who settled in Johor, Malaysia where he married the daughter of Sultan Iskandar Dzulkarnain , the First Sultan of Malacca, Potre Diausol Asikeen. Sharif Muhammad Kabungsuan arrived in Maguindanao peninsula in 1464 and married the daughter of Rajah Maradia Potre Tomanina and he proceed to Simoay and married to Sittie Anak and he was enthroned as the First Sultan of Maguindanao and he proceed to Malabang and married of the daughter of Macaapun Rajah Simbaan of Malabang Bae Angintabo and blessed them with two children namely Sharif Macaalang and his sister Daragat . And when Bae Angintabo passed away he married her niece Bae Masawang and they begot seven (7) children one of them are Aloyodan and Layagun. In 1543, Sharif Muhammad Kabungsuan reached an old aged and he installed his first native Iranaon son Sharif Macaalang as 2nd Sultan of Maguindanao in 1543-1574. Sharif Macaalang married to Bae Ble and begot Sharif Bangkaya who succeeded his father as the Third Sultan of Maguindanao in 1574-1578, he ruled short period. Sharif Bangkaya married to Bae sa Sulangan in Lanao and they begot a son of Sharif Dimasangkay Adel who was enthroned as the Fourth Sultan of Maguindanao in 1579-1585. The Royal Sultans and Datus of Lanao ( Iranon) are all descendants of Sharif Dimasangkay Adel. Sharif Bangkaya begot four children from his second wife Bae Bazaton namely, Datu sa Palao a Pekong, Rajah Muda a Mala sa Kalibo, Pinayongan Baealabi of Rabaugon in Pagadian and Sharif Gogo a Sarikula who was enthroned as Fifth Sultan of Maguindanao in 1585-1597 he married to a Sulu Princess . Sharif Bangkaya begot two children with his third wife Bae sa Matampay such as ; Dakunug of Malabang, and Sharif Laut Buisan who was installed as Sixth Sultan of Maguindanao in 1597-1619, and was married to the sister of Sultan Batara Shah Tengah, Sultan of Sulu and they begot two children Potre Gayang and Sharif Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat. Potre Gayang was married to a grandson of Sharif Dimasangkay Adel, Sharif a Matonding whose children’s are now reigning Sultans and Baealabi of Lanao while her brother Sharif Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat was installed as 7th Sultan of Maguindanao in 1619-1656 he reached declared a Jihad against Spanish Colonialist. His Sultanate was felt as far as Ternate in Indonesia and Borneo and in fact it’s power reached the shore of Bohol, Cebu, Panay, Mindoro and Manila.


The establishment of the Royal Houses of Sultanate of Batangas, Philippines was spiritually motivated by HRE Maulana Dr. Fatani Sultan Abdul Malik, Ph.D. Grand Royal Mufti of the Philippines (ROSULPHIL) and concurrently Chairman of the Royal Majlis Ulama and Council of Elders of the Royal Houses of Sultanate of Batangas ( RHSB ). With the support of the League of Municipal Mayors of the Philippines , Batangas Chapter through their Resulotion of Recognition and Acknowledgement and Sangguniang Panglunsod Resolution of Recognition and Acknowledgement of Lipa City.


The revival of the Royal Houses of Sultanate of Batangas was acknowledged by huge number of prominent families in the Province of Batangas through their personal endorsement and some of them received Royal Patent as manifestation to their green light of the revival of the Royalty and Nobility of the good people of the Province of Batangas, Philippines and foreign delegations from Malaysia are also in attendance to receive their Datoship Royal Patent. Here are the following prominent families in the Province of Batangas who received their respective Royal Patent are as follows Honorable Governor Vilma Santos Recto as Baealabi a Gaus sa Batangas, Honorable Congressman Mark Llandro Dong Mendoza as Datu Besar sa Batangas, Honorable Mayor Mynard A. Sabili as Datu a Mangompia sa Lipa City, Honorable First Lady Bernadette P. Sabili as Baealabi sa Lipa City, Honorable Mayor Leovino O. Hidalgo as Sangcopan sa Batangas, Honorable First Lady Ma. Isabel L. Hidalgo as Baelabi sa Balete, Sultan Jalil Mitomadeng Guro as Sultan sa Lipa City.


The original history of Batangas until they were able to know that the current Province of Batangas is within the Kingdom of Sultanate of Bonbon comprised of Batangas, Cavite, Mindoro and Eastern part of Laguna under the stewardship of HRH Sultan Bonbon a son of Datu Dumagsil one of the Ten (10) Bornean Datos who immigrated to Island of Panay Visayas Peninsula and bought the Island from King Marikudu under the leadership of Datu Puti that was sometimes on the last part of 13th century or before the arrival of the colonizers for more than one hundred years.


Therefore, we are cordially inviting all the viewers to contribute your prayers that thru this efforts in reviving the royalty and nobility of our people shall contribute to the implementation of the genuine and lasting peace of our country. Hopefully, we shall be able to pattern how the good people of Malaysia and Brunei preserved their royalty and made them a well developed country and peaceful nations .


The courage of the First Enthroned Paramount Sultan HRH Hj. Faizal Coyogan ” Cocoy” Benaning Bansao is the main key factor of the realization of this noble event.